The labor market has its own rules. Challenges are both recruiters and recruited people, because sometimes the interview look as if they were detached from reality and prevailing realities in it. Many people will tell you that getting good position is very hard, because that recruitment lasts for weeks and consist of several stages. There will be some people who approve this model, because during such recruitment you can accurately check the candidates, their skills and personality. Choosing the right employee will not be so random, and it is very important to choose competent person on the right position in company.

What are the current requirements?

When applying for a job you should know, what are some of the basic requirements for candidates. Here are some often overlapping:

– experience on similar position (some employers want you to have a year’s experience, sometimes job offers require a longer experience),

– knowlage of at least one foreign language at Intermediate level (knowledge of a second is also welcome),

– ability to work under time pressure,

– ease in making new contacts.