Managing people is not the simplest of tasks. You have to have the appropriate predisposition toward this, but it can not be denied that this is an essential measure to ensure that the company could develop and operate smoothly. The person who suppose to work in Human resources management should have a long experience, strong character, be well organized and should have highly developed communication skills, the person which is also kind and understanding, a person you can trust. When you manage a team of workers you should be guided by certain principles. Here are some of them:

1) Let employees know that they are important in work and indispensable to achieving success by company. Their individual success combine to make one great. It is worth to emphasize how important they are.

2) Create the most comfortable and optimal working conditions. Provide all stuff that are necessary in the office.

3) Say clearly what you expect from employees and present your vision of development.

4) Get support for employees, motivate them.

5) Follow the rules that you proclaim.